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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra: List of Hidden Blueprints

Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra is one of Kano Apps syndicate/mob wars game, and is a sequel to the original Kano Apps Mob Wars game. This game can be played on different Social Networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Hi5.

One of the interesting features of this game is that it has a "Workshop", where you can combine certain items to form new powerful items. To do this, you need to drag a recipe into the work bench and craft it. Most of the craftable items can already be found on the list except for the elusive hidden blueprints, which may took you some time to figure out the right recipe. But, never fear... with this guide, you will have all these hidden blueprints in no time.

List of Hidden Blueprints (in order of Level)

Razorblade Tophat
Required Location: London
Level Unlock: 55
Crafting Cost: $50,000
Required Items:
x2 Incriminating Photos
x1 Assault Rifle
x1 Titanium Switchblade

Cellular Gun

Required Location: Las Vegas
Level Unlock: 90
Crafting Cost: $150,000
Required Items:
x1 Gold Brick
x1 Diamond Knuckles
x2 Lead Pipe

Required Location: Moscow
Level Unlock: 120
Crafting Cost: $500,000
Required Items:
x1 Yacht
x1 S.W.A.T. Bearcat
x1 Turret-Armed Humvee

Flamethrower Lamp
Required Location: Dubai
Level Unlock: 170
Crafting Cost: $1,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Sheik's Scimitar
x1 Explosive Zippos

Transformed Car Robot
Required Location: Tokyo
Level Unlock: 270
Crafting Cost: $15,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Supersonic Train
x1 Helicopter
x1 RAH-66 Commanche

Tequila Flamethrower
Required Location: Tijuana
Level Unlock: 360
Crafting Cost: $30,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Magnum El Diablo
x1 Beretta Cheetah
x1 Carcano Carbine

Magnetic Charges
Required Location: Medellin
Level Unlock: 420
Crafting Cost: $60,000,000
Required Items:
x1 RPG-7
x1 Information Kit

RG41 Rolling Thunder
Required Location: Johannesburg
Level Unlock: 700
Crafting Cost: $200,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Safari Jeep
x1 Harley Davidson
x1 Ford Torino

Steel Harpoon Gun
Required Location: Bangkok
Level Unlock: 850
Crafting Cost: $750,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Diamond Cleaver
x1 Attack Chimp
x1 Zastava CZ99

Rolex Garrote
Required Location: Rio de Janeiro
Level Unlock: 1000
Crafting Cost: $2,000,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Incendiary AK-47
x1 Milkor M32 MGL
x1 Porsche 911

Attack Gyrocopter
Required Location: San Francisco
Level Unlock: 1240
Crafting Cost: $6,000,000,000
Required Items:
x1 Combat Yacht
x1 Hot Rod
x1 Gold Jet

So there you have it! However, note that KannoApps may modify these recipes at their sole discretion, thus, the list here is subject to change.


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Anthony Yap said...

None at the moment. I'll just post an update as soon as I have it.

Anthony Yap said...


Recipe for the Dragon Cannon can be found on the link below:

Dragon Cannon

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Any sign of the Magblade yet?

Anonymous said...

q buena info bro.. gracias me ayudo bastante sigue adelante bro buena onda por compartir esos trucos con nosotros

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i want magblade please share,,,,

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