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About Phantom Maelstrom

This is a personal blog run by Anthony Yap, a graduate of BS Nursing, and a Computer Scientist who also aspires to be a good philosopher and writer. All his works are compiled here for viewing purposes.

The blog centers on the Main topics of Science, Art, and Philosophy, however, aside from the main topics, it also contains general discussions, which may range from the main three topics up to anything else.

The blog, being a personal blog, represents the author's view on particular subjects. The author tries not to be bias, however, sometimes it is inevitable that certain discussions may reflect the author's personal views. Nevertheless, it is the prerogative of the author to write whatever he wishes to tell his readers.

The blog caters many videos, music videos, audio streams, pictures, some programs, and write ups. As previously said, this blog serves as the author's storage media that contains all his artworks, writings, and masterpieces. It may range from poems, short stories, articles, and programs to quotes, and educative videos, and more.

About the Author

The author of this blog is Anthony Yap, a Nurse and a Computer Scientist, a philosopher, and an aspiring writer.  He studied in various Catholic Schools such as Holy Rosary Academy, where he earned the title 4th runner up achiever in their classroom. He also earned the title "Best in Religion". He also studied in University of San Agustin, where he is a student of the Star Section A. In this school, he came to admire the infamous Augustine of Hippo, the patron saint in which the school was named after. Augustine was a great philosopher, and was known as the Doctor of the Church. Augustine, being a philosopher, discourages blind faith, and taught that a "faith that seeks understanding" is much better. This is one of the philosophies the author of this blog had adapted.

The author had been baptized as a Catholic Christian, and was raised a Catholic. At an early age of 6, he was already asking questions in his mind that if "God lived in the sky" (as was told by his grandmother), then perhaps, you would see him when you ride an airplane. His Uncle, a Mechanical Engineer, also became one of his mentors. His Uncle loves to teach Science (mostly in the grounds of Physics), and would conduct Scientific experiments, to the point of inventing something. This is where Anthony began to develop a love for Science that he would oftentimes conduct experiments of his own. He also loves to tinker a lot that this often results to destruction of devices, and toys, regardless, this benefited his growing mind. At an early age prior to proper schooling, he was already asking a lot of questions.

When Anthony was in High School, he began to spent his time on the Christian Bible, and other fairy tale books, in which he developed interest in literature. Among the fairy tales he came to like was those of Hans Christian Andersen's, particularly, the Little Mermaid. His interest on the Bible also made him a wide reader of the book. However, he often spots inconsistencies in it, but being a faithful Christian, he always justifies that God must have a reason that he, being a mere mortal, could not fathom. In High School, he also became interested in writing, although aside from writing, he already knows how to draw as drawing was one of his interest way back since he was 6. However, with his time dedicated mostly in reading and learning, he became increasingly aloft, following this is the constant teasing from his peers due to his unchecked Scoliosis. Nevertheless, he was an active participant in Quiz Bees, and other learning contests. His College years had been terrible though. As he had spent most of his life in seclusion, he became oblivious towards society. This lead him to seek group peers that had been acting naughty. This apparently destroyed his interest in education. Despite of this, however, he was still recognized by one of his teachers, who was amazed on his essay about Jose Rizal.

However, when he met a certain girl in his life, his interest in education was renewed, this is when he began to take up the course of Nursing. Of all the Nursing areas, he excelled in Community Health Nursing, the area in which most of his peers shun. He also developed interest in History, although History was merely a minor subject.

Anthony had been a steadfast Christian until he met the Atheists in an online community. These godless people are actually well educated despite being called foolish by the opposing Theists. Anthony tried to defend the faith by trying to defeat their arguments. This led him to conduct various research just to prove his opponents wrong. However, the results of his research was the other way around. He had realized that the Atheists are far reasonable as they were backed by solid Scientific evidence. It was overwhelming that he had no choice but to accept the fact that his opponents were right. This eventually led him to suspect his own religion. He was asking himself that if what he believe were all true, then how come he cannot even defend it? What's worst is that his research showed the opposite, he was aghast to discover that the religion he tried to defend was tainted with deceit. His disappointment of this discovery led him to seek other alternative religions, it made him wander into the realm of Gnostism, and even into the community of Wiccans (Pagans), who treat nature as God. However, even this prove to be inconsistent until he found a group of Pantheists that adheres to Einstein's religious ideology - the Scientific or Naturalistic Pantheists.

While adapting this philosophy, he came to appreciate Science even more. He also came to admire nature and finds comfort in what is already there in life, even without looking forward to the rewards of eternal salvation as previously provided by the old faith. Being befriended by a few Atheists and some Pantheists, Anthony was trained in philosophy, as most of these people are actually consist of Philosophers.

Anthony became an advocate of the anti-religious and pro-humanist movement until he became dissatisfied with the idea that there is nothing more beyond the already existing. And even though he never believed in life after death, the idea of a God transcending nature became his standpoint. Although the new idea is nonfalsifiable, it still remains a possibility.

Before he took up Nursing, Anthony was also a pregraduate of the course Computer Science. He began as a promising student who excels their class, and was actually a fast learner when it comes to computers, however, his education was disrupted when certain problems that he had been carrying since his teenage life took its toll.

To this day, Anthony continues to write in his spare time, and shares his point of view as an author of different blogs including this one. His hobbies are web designing, writing, singing, composing, modifying games and programs, graphic designing, and online games.

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