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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Japanese Popsicle Sucking Game

Japan seems to have a higher sense of liberalism compared to the Philippines. This is actually a no brainer since they have a state that is totally separated from religion, unlike ours that's most likely a slave to faith.

There are plenty of Japanese game shows that could raise an eyebrow on a conservative, and among them is this sexy Japanese popsicle sucking game show. Now, I'm not sure how they call this game in Japan, but given plenty of malice, this game could turn out from a popsicle sucking/eating game into one hell of a popsicle fellatio game.

I'm no promoter of sexy games by any chance, but this one really makes me smile.

Well, what the heck, this is really just a popsicle eating game, but if you think of it as something else, it's your sin not mine.


deadzna said...

lucky popsicles :))

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