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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A "Baby Making" Application

While browsing the Internet looking for some cool apps, I suddenly stumble upon a baby making application. Well, it's not actually new. Baby Making applications had been popular since the social media sites' rise but I'm here to share it anyways, at least, to those who hadn't heard of it yet.

There are plenty of baby making or baby maker apps on the net, though you can rarely find a good one. Most of these apps are either broken, or fake. Some may be sold for a prize, but there were also those which were offered for free yet pretty good as well, and one of those sites that offer such service is

I tried the app myself and tested it, and so far so good. The app allows you to make babies out of uploaded photos. In Makemebabies, you have the option to upload your photo, pick a partner, and select the desired baby gender as well as select a skin tone for the baby. You can also set the gender to random, and allow the app to decide for the baby's skin tone - which is based on the photos brightness. What's more is that you also have the option to select from among the list of celebrity photos stored in the sites' database. For the final steps, you are asked to choose a frame from the list and name the baby. The site will process the information you provided and release the result after a few seconds or minutes (depending on the photo), but rest assured it won't take 9 months to complete. Finally, the site also gives you the privilege to save the resulting baby's photo in the site for later access, though you have to register on the site to do this. Fortunately, the site does not even charge a penny, though you are going to see some ads. But don't worry, the ads won't hinder you from accessing the service.

For better results, you have to crop the photos and limit it to the face as this is where the site's logic is based. Also make sure it's a frontal view. The cropping feature comes along with the service so don't worry about it. However, failure to crop the photo seems to make the processing take longer as the app will have to analyze the photo carefully to retrieve the face. If you upload a photo that's not human, you'll also get weird results.

Makemebabies is a great site, and is worth the promotion here on my blog. For parent wannabes out there, you should check this site out.


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