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Monday, January 23, 2012

Only Atheists should hold Public Office?

There's a commentary in Yahoo that I found interesting, it was written by Andrew Riggio, a Yahoo contributor. Of course, it represents his own point of view, but I thought it was worth sharing after noting various religious interference on political issues that not only happen in the US, but also in the Philippines, and in the rest of the world. I should begin this article with a saying - Religion is politics!

Here's the link to the commentary:

Only Atheist should hold public office (Yahoo! Contributor)

I also would like to add on this one... most Christians are actually non-violent simply because they are not the type who strictly complies with the Bible standards particularly in the "Old Testament", noting that most of them, particularly among the bigger denominations, never cares to read the bible, while those who read adjusted themselves by ignoring some Bible standards in order to comply with "real existing laws".

A Personal Opinion

Riggio has a point on this one, religion serves as guide to religious people. However, religion-driven people think of it as more than just a belief system - which is subjective to a group. They thought of it as if it's God's command. And this kind of primitive mentality (brought about by an evolutionary process), is more likely to cause disaster. People has to adapt to an ever changing society and sometimes, dogmas prevent it from happening. But who goes to say that religion does not bring anything good (progress for that matter)? It does, it's just that it wouldn't be right if we let it control everything, I mean, who are the pastors, the clergy, or the Imams/Rabbis who decide for the group anyway? Aren't they men also? Surely they are not gods and they are also prone to errors, along with their scriptures, which was written by primitive men a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you found my article interesting. However, I do not appreciate you reprinting it without permission. Please remove it and contact me through my Yahoo! Contributor page if you wish to use my work in the future. Thanks.

Anthony Yap said...

Content has been removed and replaced with a link to your Yahoo! Contributor commentary page.

I haven't had a Yahoo! Contributor account yet, but will do contact you in the feature. Thanks for the article.

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