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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Comedy Inc. The Late Shift - Church Scenario

Comedy Inc. was an Australian sketch comedy television series, which ran on the Nine Network from Feb 1 2003 to Dec 26 2007. The series was produced by Crackerjack Productions. It first premiered in February 2003 in the new wave Australian sketch comedy shows being launched across the free-to-air channels along with Big Bite and skitHOUSE.

It has so many episodes, but perhaps one of them is the Church Scenario. See the videos below:

The first video is about a woman who goes to Church to pray.

The second video is about weightlifting. Enjoy the show...

Some may find the videos a bit religiously offensive, but that's not the whole point of the show. The show was made to make people laugh, it was not made to offend the religiously-inclined. Get it?

There are some other episodes that I plan to upload here on the blog, stay tuned...


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