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Friday, December 16, 2011

Parañaque plane crash Video

This is the video of the light aircraft that crashed into a school within the residential area in Parañaque City, Philippines on December 10, 2011. A bystander has manage to luckily capture the final moments of the plane using a celphone video camera.

According to the news, this accident sparked a huge fire that consequently killed 13 people.

Authorities reported that the plane crushed in Felixberto Serrano Elementary School, which was surrounded by shanty houses. The school was located near Annex 35 Subdivision.

It was said that the plane's crash caused a huge fire in the school, which spread to the surrounding shanties. At least 50 homes were gutted by the fire.

Ramon Gutierrez, head of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), said that the plane, a twin-engine Beechcraft Queen Air cargo carrier light airplane with tail number RPC-824, crashed after taking off from the domestic airport near Merville Subdivision.

Gutierrez said that the plane was bound for San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, where it was supposed to fetch a fish cargo. He said that after taking off, the plane's pilot requested for a rerun from the air control tower, citing mechanical trouble.

The plane crashed while on its way back to the airport.

Gutierrez said that the plane had three passengers, including a civilian and two pilots identified as Timoteo Aldo and Jessie Kim Lustica.

Gutierrez said that the plane that crashed has a capacity of six to eight passengers, including seats for two pilots.


reverse_view said...

Apparently this happened because the pilot flew the aircraft below the minimum 1-engine operating speed. If running on one engine, there is a minimum speed the plane must be flown at in order for the rudder to compensate for the yawing (turning) effect caused by only one engine running. In the turn, he would need even more speed, so it went out of control there.

Ferrante said...

Stalled, probably engine failure mixed with pilot inexperiency to handle these situations, RIP.

jasam said...

Stall in turn, law and slow, full tank of gasoline. maybe engine problems? RIP

Romans909 said...

Too much cocaine on board.

Joe_Swanson said...

Pilot reported engine failure after take-off, requested emergency landing.

I'm not sure but i think those sputtering noises were from the engine?

Also, listen closely just before the Plane goes into a spiral - at about 25-26 seconds: popping sound (delayed because of speed of sound). Something must've broke.

GooberPeas said...

Flying too near stall speed. Went into a left hand turn and, most likely, applied too much left rudder. This yaws the tail to the right which will speed up the right wing while slowing down the left wing causing it to stall. Because the right wing is still generating lift, the airplane enters a spin. You can see that this is what happened by the drastic roll over. A spin can be recovered from with sufficient altitude. (I'm not an armchair pilot, I'm a real one: Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine rated. Used to be a flight instructor as well. Don't do it for a living anymore and it's too damn expensive to keep as a hobby).

Reverend_Dan said...

gravity wins!

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