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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Father saved chickens as fire killed kids

Philippines - Fire killed two children in Las Piñas on Friday morning allegedly after their father decided to save his fighting roosters first.

Authorities said a fire broke out in Manggahan Village, BF Resort Drive in Las Piñas at 10:55 a.m.

Two children, identified as Adrian, 5, and John Rick Luto, 2, were killed after being trapped in the second floor of their home.

The victims' mother, Maria, blamed her husband, Orlando, for letting two of their kids die. She said Orlando rescued his fighting roosters first and neglected the children.

"Bitbit bitbit niya 'yung mga manok tapos sinasabi nila sa kanya, 'Yung anak mo nandoon,' pero wala lang siyang pakialam [He was holding the chickens and they were telling him, your son(s) is still there, but he didn't care]," said one of Orlando's children.

The victims' father, meanwhile, passed the blame to his other children who were tasked to look after their younger siblings.

"Sila ang nagaalaga diyan sa taas bakit ako ang aakusahan nila [They were the ones taking care upstairs, why would they accuse me]?" he said.

The Luto couple has 13 children, 4 of whom were at home when the fire struck. Two of their children escaped the fire. All of the families' belongings were burned in the fire, which razed some 25 homes.

Firefighters took one hour to put out the fire.

On Thursday, 2 children were also killed as fire razed their home in Lorenzo Compound, Barangay Talon Uno in Las Piñas.


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