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Friday, December 30, 2011

Maria Ozawa Doppelganger dupes lustful Filipino men on Facebook

Maria Ozawa
Lustful Filipino men fans of Maria Ozawa apparently got duped by a doppelganger. That seems to be one of the latest entertainment to hit the net here in the Philippines.

According to news, on December 22, Japan-based former adult movie star, Maria Ozawa left a cryptic message on the wall of her official Facebook account, simply saying: "hello philippines".

In the following days, Ozawa posted photos of an apparently recent trip to the Philippines—including a picture of her leaning out of a traditional Filipino calesa horse-driven carriage.

But other than the photos, Ozawa has kept mum about her stay in the Philippines.

That is, until "Maria Ozawa" showed up.

Appearance of a Maria Ozawa doppelganger

In a follow-up comment appended to the original "hello philippines" wall post, "Maria Ozawa" informed her avid Filipino fans that she "bought a (Globe SIM card) yesterday" and encouraged them to message her via SMS or via her "prvte fb" account.

Enticed fans naturally rush in by the dozens, but upon a closer inspection, the alleged "Maria Ozawa" account was just set up on December 28 and only has less than 20 Facebook friends—all of them apparently Filipino males—in the few hours since it was created.

The "Maria Ozawa" Facebook account is completely different and is separate from the real Maria Ozawa's official Facebook account, "Ozawazone".

Casting call?

Mostly everybody seemed to have been taken by the doppelganger Ozawa account, especially when "Maria Ozawa" gave a shoutout for Filipino males to sign up for her next movie.

"audition will be on january 2012..." the mysterious Maria Ozawa said, resulting in a flurry of replies from hot-blooded fans.

The unverified activity of the "Maria Ozawa" account has even caused the name to become a trending topic on Twitter as of the afternoon of December 28.

Apparently, it seemed most never bothered to check on the veracity of the fake Maria Ozawa account, nor even wondered why a tech-savvy Japan-based celebrity with a prominent social media presence would go to the trouble of picking up a foreign SIM card to communicate with her Filipino fans in the first place.

About Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa (小澤 マリア), who used the name Miyabi (みやび) early in her career, is a former Japanese adult video (AV) actress known in Japan as an AV idol.

It's unlikely that she would return to her old career now that she has gained prominence.

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