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Monday, December 26, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI got knocked down by a woman in 2009 Video

This video was taken way back in December 2009, and it happened during Christmas eve, when the Pope traditionally held a mass and gives his Christmas message at St. Peter's Basilica. This may be old news, but for those who had been living in the dark, here's your chance to hear it...

Pope Benedict XVI traditionally walks the center aisle before starting the mass, but suddenly a woman jumps pass the barricade and drags the Pope into the floor.

The woman in red, the Pope's attacker was identified as Susanna Maiolo, a Swiss-Italian national with psychiatric problem. She had a record of attacking the Pope already back in 2008, she wasn't successful back then as the Pope's guardian angels, the men-in-black security guards, caught her just before she could grab the Pope. However, in 2009, she came back again to try her luck, and this time, she made it.

Susanna Maiolo
Medical experts said the Pope was lucky not to have broken any bones in the fall. He lost his mitre (the fish headband), and staff and remained on the ground for a few seconds before being helped helped up by attendants. However, French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, 87, who also fell in the melee had broken a hip and was taken into hospital.

A senior Vatican source who was at the service and asked not to be named said: "The fact this woman is known and was still able to get through security is very, very serious."

All the people who were inside St. Peter's Basilica had invitations and so would have had to be checked and give their names. But despite all of that, the woman was still able to get though. Sort of a miracle in her case.

"The Pope's guards were able to drag her away but the sense of shock in the basilica was amazing - there was a huge gasp, no one could believe what was happening," he added.

The Vatican said it would review its security procedure but it was not realistic to ensure 100 percent security because the Pope is regularly surrounded by thousands of people.

Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said: "People want to see him up close, and he's pleased to see them closely too. There were 7,000 people there at the Mass and she could have got her ticket from anywhere. She is known to the Vatican but she was never thought to have been of any serious danger to the Holy Father. She was not armed and if anything the poor woman needs treatment, which is what she is getting."

There were already many times the Pope was assaulted, but most of these attackers always fail. Thanks to God, and well, the men-in-black.


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