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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ricky Pempengco was proud of his daughter Charice

Ricky Pempengco, Charice Pempengco's father.
People may get surprised when they see Charice Pempengco's father, Ricky, who looks so distinguishable from his daughter. Who would have thought that this simple 40-year-old man who was merely a construction worker would turn out to be Charice's biological father?

Charice may had mentioned him a few times during her interviews, but nobody gets a clue as to who he really was. The two never get a chance to be reunited since separating from his family. Apparently, he was a nobody until his untimely death.

But perhaps, one thing about Charice's father that's worth remembering is that he was always proud of her daughter.

According to a report from, Ricky Pempengco was always proud of his international singing sensation daughter, Charice, according to his sister.

In an interview with, Rusell Mihira said that Ricky simply smiled every time he saw Charice on TV.

"Dati kasi medyo stressed pa siya kapag nakikita si Charice sa TV dahil nga sa dating pangyayari. Pero after mga ilang years, masaya siya kapag nakikita si Charice [Before, he was stressed every time he saw Charice on TV because of the old incident. However, after a few years, he was happy if he saws Charice]," Mihira said.

Mihira said Ricky had last seen Charice on TV when she was in Manila recently for the "David Foster and Friends Show."

Despite their family's rift, Mihira said Ricky continued to love Charice and her brother Carl.

Her brother was a man of few words, but Mihira said he was just happy that Charice found fame.

"Hindi siya after naman sa kung anuman. Okay na siya sa damdamin niya na maayos na ang kalagayan nilang mag-ina [He's not after for anything. He's Okay with his feelings knowing that his family was fine]," she said.

After all the harsh words initially exchanged between the two families after Ricky's death, Mihira said everything has been resolved.

"Okay na lahat, nagkausap na kami. Sa communication lang ang naging problema. Pero maayos naman, magaan na sa dibdib [Everything's Okay, we had talked. We had a little problem with communication. But it's fine, it now feels good]," Mihira said.

Ricky Pempengco was stabbed to death earlier this week by Angel Capili. You can see the story here.

I also manage to find a video of Ricky Pempengco when he was still alive... one thing similar about the father and the daughter was that both love to sing.

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