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Monday, November 28, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn scene can cause seizures?

The movie "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" has elicited shrieks of joy from Twilight fans, yawns from some film critics, and groans from unwilling partners dragged to the vampire love story.

Not only that, the film's gory birth scene, which contains rapid flashes of black and red light, has apparently also caused two men to have seizures!

Brandon Gephart of Roseville, California, began convulsing during the scene, according to CBS 13 in Sacramento. His girlfriend, Kelly Bauman, said he was "snorting and trying to breathe." Gephart said he cannot remember what happened.

An unnamed Utah man said he suffered from similar symptoms.

"I didn't really remember what happened after that, I think I blacked out. According to my wife, I was shaking and mumbling different noised," the man told ABC 4 in Salt Lake City.

The man, who did not want to be named over fears he would lose his job (not because he didn't want his buddies to find out he was seeing "Twilight"), claims another person suffered similar symptoms at the same theater. The theater's manager did not have knowledge of this, according to ABC 4.

Well, for those who don't want to dragged into watching the film, seizures seems to be a good excuse.


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