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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pacquiao VS Marquez III: Juan Manuel Marquez was cheating?

This is just to add spice into the already hot topic of the Manny Pacquiao VS Marquez controversial bout. The recent allegation to surface was that Marquez wasn't robbed of victory, but rather he was cheating using foot stepping techniques that helped limit Pacquiao's movements.

The fight was last fought at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 12,2011 ET. It was reported that Marquez had stepped on Pacquiao's foot a number of times during the fight. Some might say it was unintentional, however, when it was repeatedly done, some people speculated that it was meant to cheat.

However, when Pacquiao was interviewed regarding the alleged foot-stepping cheat made by Marquez, the humble Filipino champion refused to comment.

Anyway, see the pictures and be the judge, and by the way, some boxing fans called this technique as the "foot-stopper."

1st Step = 4th Round last 11 seconds
2nd Step = 6th Round at 1:18
3rd Step = 7th Round at 1:49
4th Step = 8th Round at 1:27
5th Step = 12th Round at 1:23
6th Step = 12th Round last 52 seconds

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