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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Star Chaser (Poem)

Star Chaser
By Anthony Yap

Where are you my beloved star?
Why have you abandoned me in this solemn night?
I'm without a clue as to where to go
And tomorrow I know not how to grow

Your beauty is nothing less spectacular
With hopes and dreams that come alive
A light of hope, a mesmerizing sight
It could change a heart to solid gold

I'm like a fool who follows you
With absent-mind, and a hallow will
I trust your will to where it leads
Yes, a fool maybe who loves you so

But you have disappeared so suddenly
I'm without a clue as to where you are
I could only think and wonder why
Why you invite and leave me be

And so I'm left without a guide
To stray away, without a sight
I know not which road to follow so
Blindly tread where fate leads me

Note: I have composed this poem to a special someone, but I do not want to speak about her nor mention her name anymore. One thing's for sure, our feelings is a powerful thing... this poem came out when I was thinking about her. The content perhaps was that there was a time when I was willing to give up anything and go after her, but I was confuse, and I do not know if it was the right idea for I already have a family. And as the title, I was madly chasing after her...


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