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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mayweather Sr. says Pacquiao fights like amateur

Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Father of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., Floyd Mayweather Sr., said Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao played like an amateur during his last fight and won't be able to beat his son.

Mayweather Sr., in website, said "Pacquiao didn't look too good... That dude is nothing but an amateur. He is not going to whoop Lil Floyd."

He said if the fight between his son and Pacquiao pushes through, "Lil Floyd's gonna whoop Pacquiao."

He also said "If they think this man (Pacquiao) can whoop Lil Floyd, why he got to fight Marquez over and over again? If you think a guy can whoop a guy, then you go on with that fight next."

Pacquiao won his trilogy fight against Marquez by a controversial majority decision, but Mayweather said Pacquiao was not hitting the Mexican fighter.

"If Marquez hit him with right hands, what do you think Lil Floyd can do? Marquez was making Pacquiao miss," he said.

Mayweather also said "Pacquiao shouldn't be able to fight again, for real, if they wanna get down to business and find out what's going on in this sport."

Pacquiao is still in the top spot of the Ring Magazine's ranking, but came second to undefeated American boxer Mayweather Jr. in the ratings of sports websites, including ESPN and Sports illustrated (SI).

Mayweather, who is the current World Boxing Council's welterweight champion, is ranked number one in both rankings.

"Even after 16 months out of the ring following his near shutout of Shane Mosley in 2010. Mayweather returned to action on September 17 and showed not the slightest bit of rust," ESPN's Dan Rafael said of the 34-year-old Mayweather, who has a record of 42-0, 26 KOs.

Rafael said Mayweather is "still fast and possessing great defense and underrated power."

He credited the American boxer for knocking out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round to reclaim one of the titles he had previously given up.

Ring Magazine was considering placing number two ranked Mayweather Jr. above Pacquiao after the latter's disappointing performance or to leave the number one spot blank and let Pacquiao and Mayweather duke out for the pound-for-pound title.


Anonymous said...

More talk again? More talk and no action make them sound more like a sissy than a boxer.

Anonymous said...

Father and Son should be named the "talkative duo".

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